Having had an enriching career as an educator where supporting individuals to realise their potential quickly became second nature I came quite naturally to my vocation in therapy. I am now proud to practice as a fully qualified and accredited clinical Hypnotherapist. Hypnotherapy is a holistic and complementary therapy based on nurture and empathy. It is my aim to ensure you feel safe secure and in control of your journey as I work alongside you assisting you to address a range of issues that may have caused you difficulty for a long time but which you can, with a successful course of hypnotherapy treatment, overcome and leave behind. 

Rock in Sand

What can Hypnotherapy treat? 
Hypnotherapy can be very effective in treating a variety of issues which may be thought based such as low self-esteem; emotion based such as stress and anxiety; fear based such as phobias or behaviour based such as smoking or nail biting. Using a solution focused hypnotherapeutic treatment plan new helpful suggestions are nourished and repeated within the your subconscious replacing unhelpful beliefs and behaviours  and allowing you to achieve your desired outcome and move forwards with your life. 

True relaxation...

Part of the beauty of hypnotherapeutic treatment is its use of physical relaxation

and its ability to harness the power of your imagination. The physical and psychological benefits to the client of experiencing deep relaxation in what is a fast paced and stressful world cannot be underestimated. Within this private moment you can find real tranquility - I pride myself on personalising hypnotherapy scripts with great care to help you to reach the most beneficial state possible in order to make real and lasting change. 

Relaxing by the Water